Farley Cahen


Farley is a high-performance, motivated, and energetic professional with three decades of proven sales and marketing experience. As the agency founder, Farley has built his reputation as a knowledgeable, versatile, and respected marketing and sales professional who provides sound strategic advice to small, medium, and large organizations.

At the root of his methodology, his goal oriented, consultative, customer-centric business model drives the EA Team to provide their clients with definitive, measurable results and impeccable customer service at all times.

Prior to founding Elevated Agency, Farley successfully co-founded and launched MG Magazine – the Cannabis Industry’s leading B2B publication. It was there where he was inspired by the stories and motivation of the clients he worked with to provide effective and affordable marketing solutions.

He has infused Elevated Agency with his passion to provide cannabis brands innovative and creative marketing solutions to help deliver significant financial growth and greater brand recognition.


Ryan Caradang


Ryan is a seasoned professional who is passionate and dedicated to his craft. For over ten years, he has gained experience in a wide variety of mediums from traditional production to advanced computer design.

Ryan has excelled as a leader by directing designers, artists, photographers, and other creatives who trust his knowledge and expertise. Not only is he an outstanding leader, his continuous thirst for learning keeps his ideas current, his skills sharp and he’s able contribute at every level of the creative process.



Chief happiness officer

Rocco’s endearing passion for helping to elevate the mood in our offices is what has kept us all motivated and focused as to what is truly important - peace, love and happiness.