Helping Brands Grow, From Seed to Success.



Elevated Agency is the preeminent CBD & Cannabis industries PR/Marketing, SEO and Brand Development firm.
EA combines strategic, creative and digital savvy to deliver powerful results. Our multi-platform approach to marketing allows EA to drive increased conversions and brand awareness while allowing our clients to actively compete and out- perform their competitors. We pride ourselves on helping to take cannabis brands to new heights.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Elevated Agency was founded by Farley Cahen, former Founder and CRO of industry leading b2b MG Magazine. As a seasoned industry expert with a heartfelt passion for the benefits of hemp and cannabis with a proven track record of success, Farley and his team are keenly astute as to the processes and disciplines required to build, deploy and promote brands & their products.

As the nephew Mr. Coffee coffeemakers founder Sam Glazer, Farley learned from a very young age the value of non-linear thinking and bold brand positioning. This has guided his career and has resulted in numerous successful engagements.

We affectively & affordably deliver results! With a deep understanding of the hemp/cbd and cannabis industries, we specialize in brand development, innovative marketing strategies and helping brands grow their bottom line. We’re able to leverage our extensive relationships enabling us to deliver successful results for our clients by connecting with our industry’s culture through a balance of strategic brand building, commercializable product development and impactful marketing campaigns.

Our dedicated team of design experts, copywriters, web developers, SEO specialist and product managers allows us to perform with speed, precision and agility.

We are especially proud of our track record of success and helping brands grow - from Seed to Success™.

It All Starts with a Seed


We appreciate the care and patience that you as a CBD or cannabis professional takes to develop your business from the seed of an idea into a successful brand.

The same care goes into each and every client engagement with Elevated Agency.

We help brands to differentiate themselves from crowds of similar products and initiatives, and to develop emotional relationships with target audiences. We achieve this collaboratively through comprehensive internal review, competitive landscape analysis, and a systematic process of product development and message optimization.



Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your goals and needs.


After meeting, we will create a personalized proposal to cover your business needs.


Based on market research and your input, we’ll create a strategy to meet your business goals.

We’ll craft compelling marketing materials and execute the approved marketing strategy.


Through regularly scheduled weekly meetings, we’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress and successes via detailed reports of your marketing campaign so you can see its effectiveness.


“Marketing is no longer about the products or services you sell, but about the stories you tell.”

farley cahen  | Founder


Our Approach

Successful communications is no longer just about getting attention. It's about being relevant. Relevance drives positive awareness, demand and advocacy. After all, the most creative campaign in the world won't generate sales if it doesn't address customer needs at that time.

We make clients uniquely relevant, be it to a target market, a customer, or a story. We build reputations through message development, executive profile building, product promotion, community management and engagement with the right influencers and media.

Our team makes clients relevant to the moment through targeted rapid response, expert news handling, storytelling and social campaigns.

All this requires a mix of skills. We combine granular monitoring and analysis with big picture thinking; knowledgeable media relations paired with great storytelling. We implement multi-channel, cross- border campaigns with obsessive attention to detail and the agility to iterate in real-time.

We look forward to our team working closely with your team - let’s grow together!